Spinal Waves 102 with Jon Yuen 


Tribal Fusion Belly dance DVD

All Levels.
8 workouts.
4 hours of material.

This plan is all about feeling good, honouring your body, and exploring your dance. A well-rounded physical and mental practice, designed to invigorate from head to toe - hips to finger tips. Using material from my world-renowned workshops, this plan features clear, technical breakdowns with easy-to-follow on-screen animation to help you visualize the movements. 
While dance can be intimidating to many, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance pulls from multiple inspirations to become approachable and something you can truly make your own!

Each video in this plan is different, and will provide you with the foundational movements of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. This plan includes and good, long warm up: Yoga, Martial Arts and Pilates based. It incorporates a broad range of dance movements, foot patterns AND a full choreography. The lessons are progressive in nature and build upon each other, so that your choreography class is the culmination of all you’ve learned through a beautiful full-length sequence. Stretches are featured throughout the plan and a full cool down is included at the end. 

Please consult a physician before taking part in any physical activity including these online classes.
Only pay once, your access to the plan will never expire. Watch it hundreds of times and never pay another penny. These videos are available to stream on line only. 
Purchases are non refundable.

Video viewing tips:
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Videos are streamed over the internet and require a reliable internet connection for uninterrupted play. For best results, push pause to allow the video to load for a few seconds before pushing play again.
All the videos are available in HD. If you would like to watch a video in HD, simply do so by clicking the “HD” button at the bottom right of the video.

And finally, remember to enjoy your practice!

Costuming, script and choreography © Samantha Emanuel 2015 All Rights Reserved
Music: Dan Cantrell: bellowhead.com and Dizraeli: dizraeli.com
Design, Production and Artwork © Workshops n’ Docs 2015
Cover image © Wick Sakit Photography 2013




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